Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last sunset of 2011

Today, the last day of 2011, was a beautiful day and the evening wasn't bad either. I looked out my window and saw this beautiful sunset.
I took this picture from my window and then decided to go outside to see if I could get a better one.   I was dodging the window frame and the dog.

The picture below is from my front yard and as you can see, there is more color in the sky.

This being the last sunset of 2011, this is also my last post for 2011.

I wish everyone a wonderfully healthy and prosperous 2012.

              HAPPY NEW YEAR

Please celebrate safely, I want to see all of you back here next year.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


My computer died last week and I'm having to resort to a laptop that is slower than molasses going uphill in January. I am currently setting stuff up on it like bookmarks, there hasn't been a bookmark put on it in several years, so nothing is current. I have absolutely none of the blogs I visit bookmarked, so I am sort of starting over.guess this is a good time to do some weeding.
I don't know the damage to my desktop yet, I'm hoping that there is just a corrupted file in my windows start-up program. I haven't done a backup of the disk, so am hoping also that the disk isn't fried. Luckily, most (but not all) of my work has been saved to external drives or memory sticks. Its just going to take me a few weeks to get everything straight and the necessary peripherals set up for this computer. 
Thanks for stopping by, I will be visiting you soon. Take care