Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I went to ALASKA!!!

Its been ages since I have been here. Oh, I've been around, just keeping quite and watching and listening to all of what's going on. Haven't had anything to say for many months. Sort of got burned out. Well, I hope I'm back. Christmas is coming, perhaps that will keep me in the mood to keep posting.  Here goes:

I took a cruise to ALASKA. Loved every minute of it. I was a bit skeptical and very much uneasy as we boarded the Grand Princess in San Francisco.

 This is the group I went with, there's me, then Janet, Cynthia and last but certainly not least is Kit. Kit was my cabin mate for the trip. 
Our first evening as we came out of the restaurant when we had had the most delicious dinner, we were accosted. Guess they thought we were their long lost cell mates. Didn't take very long to clear ourselves of doing anything other than eating a bit too much dinner.

In a few days we arrived in Juno where I chose to take a whale watching trip. It was a nice trip out but the whales would not cooperate. One or two showed their back fins, but that's just about all. I did buy some jam while on the boat, but that's another story. All in all, this side trip was nice with nice people and beautiful scenery.

The next day we went to Skagway. As I got off the ship two whales got me.  
In Skagway I did another tour. I went zip lining. It was sooo much fun. I want to do it again but I still have a lot to learn. Beautiful scenery but no pictures of my zipping through the forest.

 Ketchikan was our next stop. This is where I bought all my souvenirs to bring to the kids I left at home. hee hee.

Our last stop before heading home was Victoria, Canada. Such a beautiful city. I could live there.
I didn't take many pictures and they are still in my camera and on my phone. I  didn't see any wild animals and I missed the northern lights. I slept through them. I had a wonderful trip and I am ready to go back again. I see that in May there is another cruise that goes further up and there are three or four nights spent on land. At Mt McKinley, in Fairbanks and also in Anchorage. I want to go so badly.

My first cruise, my first time out of the US, my first zip lining and my first whale watch. Just wish the whales has been more cooperative.

Thanks for coming by.