Monday, September 12, 2011

Copics, How do I use them?
I purchased Copic pens without knowing how to use them. They can be quite expensive if you use them as any other coloring pen, but if you learn all the things you can do with them, then they aren't any more expensive than the other pens. I have seen some pretty fantastic coloring with Copics, but I couldn't get mine to look that way. So I took a class, or two, or three.

 The dress is Copics 102. The teacher had her hand in the first dress, but the other two are mine alone. The second dress was working with the blender pen to show what it could do. So I just dotted all over the apron. The third dress, we were to make the strips and then use a multi-liner on them to bring them out. I didn't get to finish shading my third dress as the class was moving pretty fast. I was going to finish the dress before I posted, but decided against it. I have one more dress to practice on. Plus I have the stamp so I have many dresses to practice on.

This is what I learned in Copics 103:
Copics 103
Isn't she adorable?
We worked on blending and shading hair and skin. I think I did a pretty good job, but I still have a long way to go.
Practice, practice, practice. Kept hearing those words through out the classes. Haven't done any practicing yet, but I will.
I discovered that I didn't buy the right pens, so I have more to buy. In the first class she told us about color families. Well, I have color families, but don't have the right colors within the families to do proper blending. I should have taken the class before I bought the pens.
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Dixie said...

Your colouring is great, Joyce! I bought some Copics, but unfortunately there have been no classes in my town, yet. So I've been "Youtubing" everything I can find. :)

Jeremy and Samantha said...

beautiful coloring!!