Sunday, May 6, 2012

Oh me oh my

I am very frustrated at blogger and google. I can visit blogs, but I can't leave a comment on them. It wants me to "sign in" but it won't let me. If I try to comment using my name and url, it deletes my comment. I even tried using anonymous. Poor Lisa, if she is screening them, she may have a dozen from me.
Not a happy camper

PS  I can post to my blog from my laptop, but I can't make a comment on anyone's blog from my laptop.
Anyone have any ideas?


Dixie said...

Don't really know what you can do, Joyce. I did a little googling and read that you should uncheck the "keep me signed in" box on login. Then reenter your username and password (don't let it autofill). Don't know if that will help, but it's worth a try. I hope you find out what's causing the problem.

Gail said...

I had to shut off Explorer and sign in with a different internet server. I used Mozilla (sp?) and was able to get into my blog...I couldn't even get into MY OWN blog anymore since Blogger changed their format. I really hate technology when they "improve". I'd like to know who it improved for, cause it wasn't me. --Gail

Tina Connolly said...

I had problems with Blogger a few months ago, wouldn't let me upload photos, and wouldn't let me comment. It eventually came good, but don't know why/how, and it still won't upload more than 1 photo at a time. You are not alone in your frustration.