Monday, February 16, 2015

Mystery 2015 CAL

I have joined an on-line mystery crochet. We are given a clue a week for ten weeks. Clue #1 was given on Feb. 10. Clue #2 will be given tomorrow. However, if you are interested, you can find the information about the challenge and also the first clue here:
Here is my Clue #1

I don't have all 20 of them completed yet, but they will be done tonight. We went camping over the weekend, so I figured that would give me time to finish up my squares. They are easy, takes me about half an hour to make one. I take my yarn and some hooks so I can work my squares. I go to get my stuff out and find that I left the hook I needed at home.UGH!! 

Am home now and have done two squares with four more to go. They will get done tho. I want to keep up with this. I will come out with an afghan of four colors. My primary color is Caron Simply Soft Sunshine. That's all you get for now. Come back next week to see another color and more squares.

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