Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I read recipe books. I have all sorts and have never used a recipe out of most of them. The ones I have have no value, except maybe for the Searchlight cookbook. Its older than I am, and that makes it an antique.
Since I should stop buying cookbooks, I am making them. I join a recipe swap and when the pages come, I list the recipes, the contributors and their state in the front of the album. The recipe pages are in the same order that I have listed them.
My daughter loves to cook and I hope that someday she will have and enjoy these books as much as I have enjoyed putting them together.
The recipe on this page is for ginger snaps. It is an old recipe from the Watkins Products, Inc. Any one remember them? They use to come by the house selling their products (spices, personal care, liniments, etc.) much like the Fuller Brush man did.
JR Watkins is still doing business, but they are now online. That is a long way from a salesman going door-to-door. Hmmmm, I'll have to go see if Fuller Brush is still in business.
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HappyCrafter said...

This is an adorable recipe page, the doily looks perfect with the other embellies. What a great keepsake you are creating for your daughter :-)
Where I live (in Canada) we still have Watkins sales people, they are kind of like the Avon people that will bring the stuff by your home when you order it....