Saturday, April 23, 2011

This is a picture I took in October 2009 while I was in AZ with Jeffrey and Jordan my grandsons. We had gone there, staying just outside Phoenix, for a gymnastics camp. We took a drive on the Apache Trail and this is a picture of one of the many beautiful places we saw as we traveled along the trail. The "trail" was about 28 miles loooong. It was a single lane dirt road with switch backs, "S" curves and hairpin curves. It was a harrowing experience for someone that doesn't like to drive., like me. We were, however, treated to some beautiful scenery. At the end of the four hour drive, we saw the Roosevelt Dam and just beyond that, the most breath taking bridge I had ever seen (in person). Got a picture of a very small part of the lake, got a picture of the dam, but never even thought to get a picture of the bridge. 
This was my first time doing a "tiled" picture for anything. I made several and this one turned out the best. I am anxious to see the beautiful projects you come up with for this challenge. You can enter your project at GAB Challenge. Have fun. 


Dell said...

Great picture! I love mosaics!! You did a great job on this.

Dixie said...

Your picture is amazing! It looks fabulous in "tiles". Very nice!

Jennipher Lowery said...

Love the faux tile technique Joyce. Will have to try it some day. I always shy away from techniques.