Sunday, July 3, 2011

Last Thursday at 365 Cards - Day 122 the challenge was "Feeling Fuzzy" . I couldn't find my felt (I know I have some cause I used it a couple of months a go) so my next "fuzzy" would be flocking. So that is what I used, Fun Flock. I have four colors of this stuff, and as luck would have it, I had three usable colors for my kitty. My kitty is cut using Sizzix Cat and Cat Toys die, the Fun Flock colors are Panda black, Teddy Bear tan and Snow white. I did her nose with Stickles and used wobbly eyes. If you notice, there is a tiny bell tied around her neck. Don't want her to catch any birds. I had fun with this until I got sticky hands, flock everywhere and the Stickles wouldn't co-operate. But I kept on going. I didn't realize everything was crooked until I pulled it up here. I wonder if the person that is to receive this card will care? (I will probably re-do it before sending)


Jackie said...

Can't tell that it's crooked from here....I would cut the card in half & put it on another base crooked so it would *appear* that I did it on PURPOSE LOL! TFS!!!!

Dixie said...

I couldn't tell it's crooked either, but I think I'll keep Jackie's idea in mind because I'm constantly making crooked cards, lol! Your card is great, and that kitty is just adorable. You put so many great details into this, right down to the tiny little bell!