Friday, June 8, 2012

I'm never satisfied

I was to do a new technique and use it on a card.
Sponge three colors of ink onto white cardstock, then clear heat emboss whole piece.  I'm ok to this point. When I applied heat, it looked nice until I noticed several spots that were missed with the powder. I fix this little problem using my VersaMark pen, more EP and heat.  I am  not loving this technique. Surfing the net, I found the perfect embellishments to make for my card. A shirt. I found a card that was really nice and  loved the idea of using a shirt on the front of my card. She gave wonderful directions using Simply Charmed cartridge and the Cricut. But my shirt didn't look at nice as her shirt Anyway I put it on my newly made heat embossed paper, applied everything and had a complete card. My card looked horrible!
No, this isn't the first or even the second card I made, and tho I played around with the Cricut shirt for a long time,  I ended up making an origami shirt for my card. In fact, I made several before I got one that I liked, then proceeded to misplace it so I had to make another. I love the little origami shirt and  I like the background I made but  being super critical of my work, I just don't like this card. Sorry Terry, but I'm sending it anyway.
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Jennipher said...

I think this is just darling and you are very brave to try that ink technique.

Dell said...

Love the origami shirt you made and the card is wonderful.

Dixie said...

That origami shirt is just fabulous, and I love how you repeated the paper from your sentiment on the tie. What a neat inking technique, too.

Design Originals by KC said...

I personally love this card and would love to see the link or a tutorial on making the origami shirt... that is too cute! Love the jewel on the tie too! Thanks for posting it even though you don't like it! Kathi

Louella said...

We are usually our own worst critic! It sounds like you put alot of work in trying to get this card to work for you, I've done the same thing! I do love that little shirt, its so cute! and the tie tack is funny and cute! So you achieved your goal and I'm sure whomever recieved it was pleased with it. Louella