Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bragging Rights

I don't brag very often, but I'm bragging today. We recently had a gymnastics meet and our Level 7 - 10 team took first place. What a way to start our gymnastics season.

We couldn't get them to stand on the podium for a team picture, so this is how they looked after the awards ceremony ended.  (Boys and picture posing just don't mix)
The difference between first place team and third place team was only five points. A very good meet and all the teams did good.

These are the All Around winners, first place to 6th place, I couldn't get all 8. The first place winner, which is my grandson, had an AA score of 70.6. Unfortunately, they didn't give us the AA scores for the other placements, but they were pretty close considering the closeness of the team scores.

Jordan took 4th on Floor, 1st on Pommel, 1st on Rings, 2nd on Vault, 1st on Parallel Bars and 1st on High bar

A big hand for all of the boys that competed. They did really  well.


Design Originals by KC said...

Oh Joyce... you should be proud and bragging... 1st place ROCKS!!! thanks for sharing :) Kathi

Jackie said...

That's awesome Joyce! You have every right to brag & I bet you're very proud of him! TFS!!!