Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Here Fishy fishy fishy

My daughter and her fiance like to fish and go fishing quite often. She called me on Saturday to ask me to pick up one of her kids, cause they were out in the boat fishing and wouldn't be able to get back in time. Likely story. Anyway, while talking to me she called out "here fishy fishy fishy". I laughed at her and ask if that would really work. A couple of hours later she called me and asked if I had gotten the pictures she sent. So I went to find my cell and this is what I found.

Isn't it beautiful? Unfortunately or fortunately for this fish, they had to release it. He/she was too big. Can you imagine, having to throw a 100 lb. plus fish back because it too big? This fish was longer than the 60" max. allowed for a keeper. Sturgeon can only be kept when they are between 40" and 60" from nose to fork.

The lesson here is; if you are fishing and aren't catching anything, maybe you need to call out "here fishy fishy fishy". Don't laugh, it worked for my daughter.

That's my fish story of "The one that got away". Do you have one? 


Alexis Crossland-Smith said...

OMG That is one HUGE fish!

Jackie said...

WOW! I don't have a fish story but that baby sure is big LOL! TFS your story & pics....have a nice weekend!!!!!

Sherry said...

WOW, totally awesome!! Such a shame they had to throw it back.


Tania said...

Those photos are fantastic. I have never heard of a fish having to be put back because it's too big. What a great story. Sorry she couldn't keep it.