Saturday, June 22, 2013

Never, never again

I am never going to visit VA again! Oh, the people are very nice, the roads are nice and the area I'm in is absolutely beautiful. We went to a nice little zoo and had a good time. I will put a few pictures at the bottom of this post. We went to a 50th wedding anniversary party and had a great time. More on that in another post.

So why am I never visiting VA again? Because every time I get on the road to go someplace I GET LOST!! I have never had this problem before. When I left the airport to go to our hotel, I took HWY 28 as directed, but I went South instead of North. I pulled off to call for help. I haven't been in VA for more than an hour and I'm already lost. It took my GPS a good 20 min. to find the satellites. I finally got to the hotel. Later in the evening we went to Five Guys. Got lost again. I never get lost. I'll save this story for the scrapbook. Its too embarrassing to go public with. I did make it to my brother's and back without any missed turns. That was day one.

Day two didn't fair much better. We did get to Wagman's with no hitches. Feeling better about going out on the road we went to the zoo just 20 mins. down the road. Only one "U" turn. However it took us nearly an hour and three tolls to get back to the hotel. I am not going to share that story except to say that when you type an address into the GPS, ya better make sure its the right city before ya tell it "GO". Ok, go ahead, laugh, I did later on in the evening. I'm seeing a lot of VA that I didn't expect to see and if it keeps going like this, I'm gonna see a lot more of it.

If you have stayed with me so far, let me share a couple of pictures with you. I think you might enjoy them.

This was taken from our floor looking across inside the hotel.

Isn't he just the cutest baby camel you have ever seen? Sorry its fuzzy, but he wouldn't stay still.

Jeffrey is talking to the baby camel.

Baby camel is telling Jeffrey a secret. Actually, he's trying to eat Jeffrey's hair.

Outta my way!

Told ya to move, its my board.

Can I help? We enjoyed looking at the animals, hope you
enjoyed our pictures. Thanks for stopping


Cindi H said...

Joyce getting lost is always my biggest fear when I travel. You overcame being lost and arrived at your destination and it sounds like you were able to enjoy yourself any way!!!!
I love the baby zoo animals! Thank you for sharing times 2!!! I will be watching for your next blog post!!

Vivi Casale said...

I was first going to say, get a gps that will make your life easier , but then I read you had one .. so I`ll tell you this: dont let this things to ruin your day.. it is part of the deal!! lol

Now, last March when we went to US, we bought a day trip from NY to Washington DC with Grayline Tour Company, can you believe the driver got lost on the way back to NY? it took us 5 hours later than expected to back get to NY .. well, I tell you the best part of it was to see different places/houses that I`d have never been it wasn`t coz of this... lol

Tania said...

I am extremely good at getting lost, so I feel your pain. Great photos, though.