Friday, September 10, 2010

This is Carlie. I acquired him from Animal Control in August 2007 when he was six weeks old. We call him "garbage dog" because he will eat anything and loves to go through our trash looking for food. His favorite thing to find is chocolate. He likes chocolate almost as much as I do. Last Halloween, he found a bag of mini mars bars, and ate about 8 before we discovered he had them. He likes pop corn too and loves to get hold of the used bags; although I suspect he would rather have them full of popped corn.
He likes walnuts. We discovered this when we started finding empty walnut shells laying around. We give the nut to him in its shell, he cracks it open and eats the nutmeat. Unfortunately, he hasn't learned to clean up the shells. As with the rest of the things he eats, he leaves the wrappers on the floor for me to pick up.
I bought one of those unstuffed dog toys (as shown on TV) for him. Its true what they say, it will outlast the stuffed toys. It still squeaks, has all its extremities (is missing an ear) and he is still interested in it.  I bought another one and will give it to him for Christmas. I missed his birthday.
Well, that's Charlie, another member of our family.
Thank you for stopping by. Take care

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Anne Marie said...

Awww, your Charlie is too cute. He looks a wee bit like my Ozzy, also a rescue dog. Dogs are such a special part of the family...I love your post about Charlie's food "quirks". He sounds like he has a lot of personality! :) Have a great day!