Monday, August 11, 2014

A Blog Hop with a Difference

I was invited to this blog hop with a difference by Pat Martin at PATACAKE PAGES. When Pat tagged me, she gave me specific instructions as to what I needed to post. Her instructions were very simple, post whatever I wanted as long as I answered four questions about my own crafting. I am also to choose three bloggers adding their links in order to continue this blog hop with a difference. Well, being the procrastinator that I am, I neglected to contact three people for permission to tag them. I think that sort of takes the fun out of it. Soooo, further down in this post I will give three links to three blogs that I think you will enjoy visiting.

Now for the questions I was given to answer. And guess what, it’s all about ME.

1.   What am I working on?

I have several projects going. I enjoy doing needle work, paper crafting and reading. Currently, I am working on a set of cards with themes that I don’t usually do. It has been very difficult for me to come up with something I like. I thought this would be easy, but it has ended up being quite a challenge. 
My first card was supposed to be a masculine birthday card. I wasn’t thinking when I made my background paper and made a card for Daddy. That’s masculine isn’t it? I still need to add the sentiment.

This next card is to be a Father’s day card. As you can see, I haven’t gotten very far. My image is complete. I fussy cut his scarf and added black embellishment for the eyes. Both images are from From the Heart Digital Stamps. I love working with digital stamps.

I am also crocheting in my spare time. I have made a goal of completing one square a day. I usually work on these while watching TV at night.
This square, I found online and fell in love with it. I plan to make a lap robe.

2.  How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I don’t know that it does. I stay close to what I’m comfortable with and don’t go outside the box very often. While a lot of card and scrapbook crafters use a lot of bling, I tend to go easy with it. I do put bling on nearly every card or scrapbook page I make, but not as much as I could. Plain and simply is my style.

3.  Why do I do what I do?

Silly question, I do it because I enjoy working with my hands. I like to be productive, except when I’m reading. My one fear as I grow older is that I will lose enough of my eyesight that I won’t be able to do the stitching I so love to do. I’m not cross stitching as much as I would like, it’s getting harder to see those tiny holes in the cloth. But I can still crochet, knit and do paper crafting. I have been doing needle work since I was about eight years old starting off with embroidery.  Why do I do my crafting? It’s a part of me and has been for many years.

4.  How do I come up with stuff?

I look at what others have done. If I see something I like, I try it, work with it and usually end up with something totally different. I guess you could say I steal ideas to get me started. I can start a card with an idea in my head and when I have finally finished the card it is nowhere near what I envisioned when I started.
The card below is the third card of the set. It is to be very basic, no embellishments of any kind, no layering, no bling, no embossing, no using punches. dies, etc. A white card using only stamps and ink, I saw a card fitting the specks that I fell in love with and wanted to make one like it. My card is nothing like that one. The only thing on my card from the card I copied is the Everything Eleanor swirl. I added the butterflies using a masking technique that I learned at an SU event.  

Where did this different kind of blog hop come from? Lisa from Path of Positivity. She has the most interesting blog. There is one challenge a month and it can be… Go on over there and check it out. Challenge 17 for August is up.

Oh, I didn’t tag a blog did I? Here is one that is always upbeat. Kathy is a quilter and makes beautiful quilts. I met Kathy a couple of years ago via the internet. At the time we had the Cricut in common. She has gotten rid of her Cricut and doesn't do cards or scrapbooking now. Her creative juices are flowing in a different direction now. Design Originals by KC 

Check out Holley's Blog. I don't know Holley very well, we are on a yahoo group together. She is a DT member at Your Scrapbook Place, which has recently started offering challenges. 


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