Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I partnered with Murphy's Law today. If it could go wrong, it did. Hopefull tonight will be much better. I went to a Cricut Expressions class last night. The Rep. was looking at my brand new Cricut and proceded to tell me that there was a problem with how the cutter housing was sitting. The arms around the housing don't mesh and makes the housing tilt. Not good. Got the machine at Michaels, so I went there this morning (couldn't find the sales slip) to exchange the machine. I was told they wouldn't do anything because I couldn't prove I bought it there. All I wanted to do was exchange the machine! I will now have to send it to Provo. I will not be doing any more shopping at Michaels this year. My little personal protest.

The day kept on going down hill. I wanted to post a picture of the page we made last night, but I can't get a good picture of it and no one around here has a 12 x 12 scanner. So the picture I am posting isn't very good.

The cartridge is Summer in Paris and the paper is from AC. As you can see here is a lot of intricate detail on this cartridge. The cartridge is part of the class package.
I really enjoyed the class and am looking forward to the next two.

Using my little Cricut, I made the following cards.

The birdcage and butterfly are from the Bloom cartridge. The frame I made using a Fiskars combo border/corner punch. I fell in love with this boarder and it is being used on a lot of my cards. I also went to JoAnn's and bought another combo punch.

The butterfly and swirl on this red card are from the Pink Journey Campaign Rose cartridge.

I enjoyed making these cards. They aren't fancy, but I like them.


Carrie said...

great cricut projects, really cute cuts. I don't have any of those carts.

Anna K said...

Nice projects! Good luck exchanging your Cricut! I would be lost to be without mine (maybe that is why I kept my baby bug just in case...)

Anonymous said...

Love what you created with you big and little bugs! Sorry to hear about the Expression problem. That is not cool. Michael's really should exchange it for you.

Dawn Mercedes said...

oh bummer...did you try contacting the company directly??

Cheryl said...

Great Cricut projects! Sorry to hear about your issues.

Susan (peebsmama) said...

I have a Cricut but it hasn't had a lot of use. Fortunately when I do use it I haven't had the issues you describe. I've heard that Provo has good customer service so you should definitely call them. Also write to the Michael's headquarters and tell them about your experience at your local store. They might offer an appology or some coupons at least.

Your projects turned out great.

Just Me said...

Thank you for all your comments.
I have contacted Cricut and will be returning my machine within the next week. I will seriously think about contacting Michael's headquarters.

Handmade by Vivi said...

wow, your cards are so pretties.. well done!
I don't have a cricut but I'm considering to buy one.. we can do some much with it!!