Friday, June 25, 2010

Just dropping by for a minute or two. Went to my second Cricut Expressions 101 class Thursday evening. I'm not posting any pictures of the things we cut because they are just "things". We played with the function buttons. We used the Summer in Paris cartridge again. A couple of the buttons I still don't understand their advantage, but I will figure it out.
Need 100 one inch stars? The Quantity button is great for that. Don't need to count any more. If 100 of them stars don't fit on the 12 x 12 page, just upload another page and press Cut. It will continue where it left off and stop when it reaches the desired number. A great feature for anyone that needs to cut multiples.

Remember on the little Cricut, how if you put too many characters to cut, it would let you know they wouldn't fit and you had to change the number, size, or whatever to get it on the page? With the Expressions if it doesn't fit, it will cut what will fit, then you load another page and it will continue where it left off till it reaches the requested number. That is going to save me lots of time.
We played with the Auto Fill mode (anyone need any Eiffel Tower BOs?), Fit to Length, Fit to page, Mix 'n Match (don't really understand this one yet), Multi Cut (great on chipboard, magnets, etc.; but don't use it on regular cardstock, it will cut the mat!) and the Flip button.
I am so glad I signed up and took this series of classes. When I first had a chance to use an Expressions, I was lost. Sure, I could do just plain cuts, but all the extra buttons looked very confusing. Now I feel more comfortable with my Expressions.
Next class is Monday. I can hardly wait. I love my new machine, just wish I didn't have to send it to Provo to get its boo boo fixed. It will take about two weeks to get it taken care of. My next project will be to learn to use the Design Studio. Maybe it won't be so intimidating once I'm really comfortable with my new Cricut toy.
Oh! ever been in a room with 17 ladies using the size dial on their Cricuts? Sounds like a warm summer evening. Take care

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Handmade by Vivi said...

Hey Joyce, first of all I want to say Welcome to the Blogland and great picture of you!! Really nice to put a face on a name!!
Then, many thanks for all the info about printing with cricut, I'm considering to buy one but not sure it is the best machine for me..
so It is really nice to know what others think about it!!