Sunday, June 6, 2010

Well, its Sunday morning and I'm sitting here with a cold cup of coffee going through different blogs looking at all the wonderful stuff everyone has been doing. (That's why my coffee is cold.) I joined SCS last night and have been struggling with how to post, reply and generally navigate the site. I have also tried to figure out how to "Follow" on other blogs. Don't know if this is the same as joining or signing a guest book or what. Well, I wanted something to do and I think I have found that something. Just setting up my blog is going to take me hours. While I will get frustrated, I will eventually find my way and be proud of my accomplishment.

I need to get ready for my grandson's gymnastics awards banquet. He is 9 years old, a level 6 gymnast. This year he made the All Stars team (level 6, 8-10 yr. olds). Several of the boys from his gym made the team. I could go on and on, but I must cut this short. Have a good day.

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