Thursday, June 17, 2010

Its been a busy week. There was 5th grade promotion on Friday and then 5th grade BBQ on Monday. The kids are now home from school for a week before going off to ASP for four weeks. The picture is of Jeffrey and his school principal. He was one proud kid that day.

The baby hummingbirds are gone. I think I'm going to create an album somewhere in cyberland. Don't know
where yet, probably on my Facebook page.

My daughter took this picture of a dragon fly in our yard with her phone. She sent it to me; I thought him pretty, so am putting his picture here for others to enjoy also.

This is one of the first cards I made for swapping. I e
njoy making cards and they are usually pretty simple. I don't put a lot of embellishment on them, and I have a color coordination problem. I put colors together that I like and sometimes they don't really go together. Sure wish I know how to get my pictures to sit where I want them to sit, not where they want. Guess they are like kids. Takes work, but satisfying.

The Owl card. I received the image and I was to color it and make it into a card. This isn't the one I actually sent, but its close. I used a Fiskars boarder punch and it was so easy. I don't know what brand of stamp was used, but it sure had me in a quandary as to how to color him. The only embellishment I used on this card is liquid embossing on the branch he sits on and put some sparkly in the center of the flower.

The butterfly card, well, I was to make a card using an item that was sent to me. What I received was a length of some sort of soft wire in a light rose color. I used my Cricut to cut out the butterfly and then outlined him with the soft wire. I spent hours on this card, most of the time trying to coordinate colors. I had cut the butterfly a couple of months ago, so had to work around that. And, of course, the paper I had used was gone. For the next mystery item card I make, I will get a picture of the item in the raw.

The images don't want to go where I want them to go, so I guess I will have to leave them where they want to be. At least they are still here, of that, I am thankful. It would also be nice if the screen I am working in looked like the preview.


Jean McKenzie said...

Some very pretty cards here and it is great that you enjoy making them so much! Blogging will get easier as you go along! You must be very proud of your grandchildren - they are a delight aren't they! I am a Nana too!!

Kathy Braun and Lucky said...

Very pretty cards, love the CAS this way you appreciate the image. Blogging does get easier and you will feel more confident, I only started in April, through much trial and error, but it got easier.

Tina said...

It looks pretty, I like how you used the wire

Karli said...

edging wire along the butterfly is a fab touch! I'm at the cricut creations blog with ya. can't wait to see what else you create with your new toy :) If you have any questions about it you know any of us can help you out. Hugs!