Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I live in the city! My dog was acting (barking) strange the other night. I went to see what was wrong with him and as I passed my open front door, I heard a noise. I looked out on my  4 x 4 porch and saw RACCOONS. Yip, there were six (6) of them. A mom and her five kids. I shooed them off, but they came back. This pix was taken on her third trip down the stairs. The baby at the bottom of the stairs is brown. I had never seen a brown raccoon, but this little guy was a light brown, no black on him. I guess I did a good job of scaring them off as I haven't seen them since. But I am waiting for their return with camera in hand, and I'm ready for them.

I walked into the living room one afternoon and found my then eight year old grandson, Jeffrey, with spoons hanging from his face. I asked him how he had done it. He removed the spoons and I took pictures as he replaced them  on his face. He only has four in this series of pictures, but he is working on adhering eight of them. And, no, he didn't use any glue.
I picked the colors (from a color challenge) and the LO, (from a LO challenge). I was going to make it a two page LO, but he wanted all four pix on one page. He also decide how the pictures should be placed on the page. The next thing was the title. I requested help with the title and got about 10 wonderful suggestions. He chose one, changed one word and I added the My to come up with My Magnetic Personality. Hmmm "Self Entertainment" would have been a good title. Maybe next time.

The two boys and I flew to AZ for a gymnastics clinic last October. While there, we drove to the Casa Grande Ruins. I took these pictures of the boys before we went in to see the Ruins. I was disappointed in the ruins on this trip as I had visited the site about 20 years ago and one could enter the Casa itself. Today you can only view it from the outside. An amazing monument, but the desert heat and sun have taken their toll on the dwelling; its still a wonderful place to visit and there is a Junior Ranger program for the kids.
Jordan on the left turned 9 three weeks after this picture. Jeffrey turned 10 a month later.

Thank you for popping in and looking at the pages I did over the past few days. Take care.


kinetickatie said...

That is so funny about the spoons! Fun layout, great title!

Anonymous said...

I like what you did with the spoons!

Just Me said...

Thank you ladies. I took upteen pix and I think I am going to do a companion page highlighting his facial expressions. It was a real joy to watch him do this.

Michelle VP said...

What persistent racoons! Love the spoons page - perfect title and variety of photos. :) The cactus page made me chuckle - living life on the edge! :)