Saturday, July 31, 2010

This is my August sketch card, well, this one won't go because it has a noticeable flaw in it. However, a similar one is made and ready to be mailed when I know where it is going.
I spent today at a crop. Next Saturday I will also spend cropping. The crop starts at 8 am, classes start at 9. Showroom opens at 9, but I will be in a class so will hit the showroom about noon. I'm not certain why I'm going to go shopping as I have already spent my scrapping budget for this year, and next year, and the year after that...  I bought a Zutter DreamKuts machine today. I have wanted one since I first saw and used one in March. This is the first one that I had seen in a store so I bought it. It also happens that I had a coupon. I used it immediately. It is wonderful. No more 6 x 6 pages that are aren't true 6 x 6. No more 4 x 6 pages that vary in size. Oh, by the way, its pink. Now I have a pink Cricut, a pink Slice, a pink Dreamkuts and a purple cell phone. Just thought I'd throw that in to see if you were still with me. I think its time to close this, its been a long day. Tomorrow I will post the projects I completed today. Thank you for coming by. Take care.

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