Monday, August 16, 2010

My toes are curling, my hands are shaking and I'm having an awful time making this post. This little person is my youngest grandson and yes, that is a horrible, horrible cockroach on his sleeve. His mom took him to the library and the project of the day was meeting bugs. This one tends to fly and when the docent let it go, it landed on Nick. Scared him at first, but he took to the bug like ducks take to water. He had the man send the bug to flying several times. Nick just loved it. Sure glad I wasn't there. I can handle snakes, lizards, spiders, etc, but not the cockroach. That is one bug that sends me up the wall. I understand that they grow them as big as Volkswagens in Hawaii. I have never watched Men in Black either. I have to quit this post, go get a good strong cup of coffee and relax a bit; but  I had to pos this picture. I think it is cute even tho every time I look at it my toes curl and I shiver. Thanks for coming by. Take care.

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Michelle VP said...

Oh my! That is a big one! My son held one at a science center once too. And I lived with cockroaches in Costa Rica when I was an exchange student - shudder! I still get the creepy crawlies when I think about it.