Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A week or so ago I saw instructions (possibly on SCS) on making paper flowers look like dried flowers on a card. I couldn't get mine to come out looking like they were dried flowers, but I liked how the card turned out. This isn't the first one I did like this; I have used the embossing over my design on several cards I made this week.  I just love the look. Just remember that hard or thick embellishments are to be placed after embossing. I thank whoever came up with this idea. I'm sorry I can't give proper credit because I don't remember where I found directions.

The card on the right is also embossed. I got the quilted look from SCS. Its a great tutorial and the instructions are easy to follow. I don't like working with tiny pieces (having to put them together to form a pattern), but I really like the look and am going to have to make more of them. Hope you like my cards. Take care

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airbornewife said...

Joyce.. your cards are beautiful.. I need to try that quilted one, love the color combo on that one (fall is my favorite season). thanks for sharing ~ Pam